Look who’s talking about Advance Care Planning

Read Fran’s Story

Fran's StoryAs part of National Advance Care Planning Day, Canada’s Speak Up Campaign collected a number of quotes from people across Canada who have had Advance Care Planning conversations. The hope, that these stories and motivations will help motivate others to have these important conversations. Families, work teams, children and even the Premier of Ontario shared their thoughts about their own conversations.

Fran Dawson, a local resident of Waterloo Wellington, participated in this quote exchange and here is what she had to say:

It’s so important for those you love, and who love you, to know what your final wishes are before there’s a need. What a terrible, and unnecessary, burden to place on their shoulders. We love, cherish and care for our children from the moment they draw their first breath until the moment we draw our last. This can be our final gift. – Fran Dawson, Palmerston Ontario

Advance Care Planning conversations are most definitely one’s worth having, but we avoid them far too often. Use Fran as inspiration and start having a conversation today.

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