If you want to spread the word about Advance Care Planning, you are in the right place

Education has a big role in raising awareness and understanding about Advance Care Planning conversations.

Why not watch a full recording of Advance Care Planning 101 to get yourself comfortable.

For additional Ontario-specific resources visit www.speakupontario.ca

Conversation Starters & Communication Tips


Resources for your participants

Sharing resources with your clients, patients, colleagues is a helpful way to make this information stick. It also allows them to take some time on their own to learn more and continue the conversations on their own time.

Substitute Decision-Making Brochure

Speak Up Workbook 

Online interactive version here

Power of Attorney for Personal Care Brochure

Advance Care Planning Fact Sheet


Conversations Worksheet

SDM Wallet Card

Other Helpful Resources

 There are lots of great resources out there designed to support you. Just be sure you are accessing resources that apply in Ontario as the laws across Canada are different.

Ministry of Attorney General

Power of Attorney Kit